I’ve been out and about, taking more photos of autumn..

Autumn 15

More glimpses of gold – its slowly turning

Autumn 18

I love the red leaves here. Its a pity they’re all too transient.

Autumn 20

The sycamore seeds are all ready to fall with the first strong gust we have

Autumn 21

Jess working her way into the photo again! Truth be told, this is one of my favorites in terms of composition – its nicely framed by the tree trunks either side of the photo, there’s a roof and a floor and a subject matter to give size comparisons.. i’m quite proud of this one.

Autumn 22

There’s obviously some kind of spring running underneath here, as it gets very wet, this area, in winter – and there’s a Willow Tree here. Always a good sign that there’s water below. I quite like this battered old tree.

Autumn 24

There’s a ring of trees here – the local children tried to make a den out of it, but some older ones came along and destroyed it, which is a shame. I’ve often wondered whether the trees were planted deliberately in a ring or it just .. happened that way. I’d love to find out. From a distance they look like one tree, but when you look up close you see they aren’t.

Autumn 25

I’m not sure what trees these are but they make a splendid photo opportunity!

Autumn 26


Autumn 27

Some trees have dropped almost all their leaves already, and others are still 100% green. Strange how it happens.

Autumn 28

This tree’s leaves turn a lovely deep wine red colour – one of my favorite colours for myself, never mind in nature. I have some nail varnish in this colour!

Autumn 29

Michiel wasn’t feeling too well when it came time for Jess’s Evening Walk so i took her for that one as well, and took the camera with me. I decided to go another way – and was rewarded almost straight away with these lovely golden leaves.

Autumn 31

You can see its getting quite dark – these were taken around 6.15-6.30pm in the evening. Michiel doesn’t like me to be out after dark so i hurried home after these were taken.

Autumn 32

Saw this on the way home – more gold. I love this time of year.

Autumn 33

The same tree, but the flash caught the leaves and produced a lovely effect.

Autumn 34

Green & Gold together – stunning

Autumn 35

Quite spooky. The bridge in the distance is the old bridge that ran over the canal, back when this path was a canal (it was filled in about 30 years ago i think) and its dreadfully dark underneath. I detest walking through it – its often only the fact that i have Jess with me that makes me do so. Anyway, the flash caught the leaves closest to me to create this ultra spooky effect. Maybe i should’ve saved this one for Halloween!

Autumn 39

Almost home.. This tree is actually in our back garden – the “house” you can see there to the right of the photo is actually the block of flats we live in. I was walking up the road towards the flats when i looked up and saw the top of the tree bathed in the light from the setting sun, just peeping over the rooftops, so i whipped the camera out one last time.