Gift wrap holder

Couldn’t post this till yesterday … this is one of the problems inherent in your mom/dad reading your blog – you can’t post pics of any of their pressies till after you’ve given it to them!!

I can’t really take the credit for the idea, i saw the basic principle elsewhere, however, i did think i could make one easily enough. its basically a cardboard box – i used those plastic beer things (that every responsible person should cut up before putting in the bin) – on the inside to create “holes” for the gift wrap to stand up in, and then made a cotton “bag” to go around the outside with pockets to put ribbon and things like that in. I did decide to put the pockets only on three sides, because i know they have a space issue, and the flat side will enable Mom to stand it against a wall. Some ribbon threaded through the top to enable her to pull it tight will keep the tubes from falling all over.. the more tubes of gift wrap there are in there, the better it will work.

It was funny yesterday though. I went to wrap it on Friday night around 1am, and realised the little bit of wrapping paper i had wouldn’t go around it, so i gave it to her as it was, and said to her: “i defy you to actually work out what this is for”. Mom was stumped, but dad, being a lateral thinking engineer, with a few hints, managed to work it out. She was impressed with it though, and hopefully (hint, mom, hint) she’ll send me a photo of it in situ, in use. And yes, i’ll post it here!

[more photos behind the cut]

inside of the box

pocket detail on giftwrap holder