I didn’t mention, did i, that I got the final Harry Potter book yesterday? it was a gift from my mother-in-law for my birthday, and i picked it up from the sorting office yesterday, and although i was itching to open it.. i didn’t.. until i sat down to eat breakfast. Then i restrained myself, closed the book at chapter 6.. and kicked myself up the backside to go and do the stuff i told you about yesterday. This resolve lasted until after dinner, when i picked up the book again.. and didn’t set it down until around 2.30am last night, when i finished it.

I’m not going to put any spoilers here, except to say that i cried at 2 points, and that i liked the ending of it (any other ending would have ruined it, i think).

However, the last night last night meant a late morning this morning and as a result i’ve not done as much as i would’ve wanted. So i decided to take it a bit easy and potter along (feel free to groan) and finished the crab apple and chilli jelly (which has come out a beautiful clear pink and has a lovely spicy kick to it) and made a small bottle of limoncello while i was at it, which promises to be rather nice. I accidentally made too much (oh dear, i hear you say), and i’ve put the rest in a wine glass for Michiel for later, although i did spill a little on my hand and i had to lick it off now, didn’t i? *blinks innocently* mmmmm!!!!

Photos behind the cut, as usual.. Tomorrow’s action plan: christmas cake and mincemeat (going to soak the fruits for that tonight), christmas pudding, bread, and maybe some onion marmalade… yummy!

boiling crab apple jelly

crab apple and chilli jelly on a rolling boil. The rolling boil is necessary to get it to the setting point – you can test the setting point by keeping a plate in the freezer, bringing it out every so often and spooning a little hot jelly onto the plate. Give it a few to cool, then push it with the spoon. If it wrinkles.. its at the setting point.

crab apple and chilli jelly

crab apple and chilli jelly, the finished product. Lovely and clear isn’t it? such a beautiful pink colour too. I’m not sure if this comes from the apples or the chillis.. probably a combination of both. It has a lovely kick to it as well, i think this would be gorgeous with roast pork or ham sandwiches…


While the jelly was boiling i thought i might as well make the limoncello. Its very simple: a little vodka mixed with sugar, heated to dissolve the sugar, then the juice and zest of lemons added, poured into the bottle and topped with more vodka. I think its beautiful. I accidentally made too much (oh dear) so i put that in a wine glass for Michiel to have later.