After several requests yesterday for the recipe for this.. how could i refuse? Its from Oded Schwartz’s book, “preserving” (and if you want to get into preserving properly, and you see this book for sale, grab it, as its out of print and apparently costs a fortune – my copy is a library book that has to go back on thursday.. *sob*.. i shall miss it!) but you can find it online here (although you’ll have to scroll down a bit). Its not difficult, just time consuming.

I’ve had a taste – its very rich, i can see it will go well with strong flavours like strong cheeses or meats, definetly worth making. I’d imagine you could use it in different ways: either in sandwiches, like chutney on a plate with a winter salad, perhaps even stirred through something like a risotto (although its perhaps a little sweet for that).

I also made some bread today (i do this every couple of days, it makes Michiel happy. He calls smelling freshly baked bread “smelling the happiness”), and started both another christmas cake and the mincemeat for the christmas mince pies (for those that don’t know, mincemeat doesn’t normally – now anyway – contain meat). This is something i make every year for the mince pies, its far better than shop bought mincemeat and is absolutely gorgeous. I follow delia’s recipe which can be found here. At the moment both are soaking, in their respective bowls – the mincemeat in the apple, orange and lemon juices, and the christmas cake in brandy on a table in the living room.

Photos, as usual, behind the cut. Tomorrow: finish the christmas cake and mincemeat, and reboil the strawberry preserve (its not thickened enough for my taste).. and possibly some other stuff. but we’ll see how i get on. i want an early night tonight (bad dreams last night, so i’m tired).

onion marmalade in the pan

onion marmalade, bubbling away. As you can see, its a gorgeously rich, syrupy brown.

onion marmalade

The finished product!

mincemeat soaking in juices

mincemeat soaking in its juices overnight. Tomorrow it will be put in a low oven for 3 hours, then brandy mixed in and it will be bottled. The long spaghetti like stuff is vegetable suet – in the oven that will melt and coat all the fruit with its fat. Come christmas it’ll be spooned into pastry cases and baked – gorgeous rich stuff!