having a blegh day. Dunno why. Just lack of energy.. total lack of energy. Although i did walk Jess. Twice. And when i got back from walking jess i decided to at least do some work on christmas cards, then i wouldn’t feel like the day was a total loss.

So, i got to work making toppers. For those that don’t know, toppers is the term for those complete little bits that you can just stick onto christmas cards, you can buy them all ready made. a small square, for example, with a stocking on.

mine aren’t very good yet, but i’m still experimenting.. behind the cut (of course)..

christmas card topper 1

This one i’m quite impressed with, but i’m limited as to colour choice with ribbons: girly pink, purple and brown don’t really go with christmas.. the lil penguin picture came from an old christmas card from last year. or the year before. i forget which. Bein’ green!!!

Christmas toppers 2

this one shows a selection of small papers with pictures stuck to them. I’m stuck for ideas on how to glitz most of these up, and i don’t want to break out the glitter. Its dreadfully messy for one thing! i need ideas..

 Christmas card topper 2

 Experimenting with some silver wire that sez gave me ages ago, to try to come up with a (not very good) stylised christmas tree with a flower for a star.. its okay i suppose. Needs more work, as my art teacher would’ve said!