yup. that time again. behind the cut as per usual.

Autumn 70

I love the colours on this. This is part of why i am nuts about Autumn.

that bloody tree

In just a couple of days you can see the difference with this tree… from this on 13th Oct.. [uploading this photo gave me real trouble. i don’t know why.. argh.]

Autumn 71

to this on 16th October (just 3 days later)…

Autumn 82

to this on 19th October (this morning)… it won’t be long before it loses all its leaves i think.

Autumn 72

Jess sniffing in the leaves.. she loves to find nuts n things that have been hidden underneath (unfortunately sometimes also fast food has been thrown away underneath and she loves these too, so i have to watch her like a hawk!)

Autumn 73

I’m tempted to grab a black sack and go gather some of these actually, to make leaf mould. The thing that’s putting me off is that i know dogs are frequently walked through this area, not just Jess, and dog pooh is not good for compost (never mind the squick factor of picking it up). its lovely though, i’ll say that much.

Autumn 74

Couple of trees at the end of our little cul-de-sac. won’t be long before they’re completely bare. I can see these from my kitchen window. I shall miss them.

Autumn 76

These are from the green stretch beyond the trees above. Because they’re bounded by roads on 2 sides, i tend not to take Jess up there (just in case). This time however i was alone so i decided to seize the opportunity to take the photos.

Autumn 77

I love this one. Its like someone’s come along and blown gold dust over the top of the tree. So pretty.

Autumn 78

This one is turning a beautiful shade of red. Won’t be long before its all afire.

Autumn 79

Closeup of the leaves from the tree above. So gorgeous.

Autumn 80

I wish, at times like this, that i had a videocamera. The leaves rippling in the wind is like rippling gold.. I’m not materialistic but there’s something about this.. nature’s gold, perhaps?

Autumn 81

More leaf colour change. Its especially spectacular against the gorgeous blue/white sky we had this morning (such a change to the depressing grey of a few days ago).

Autumn 83

This one is very slowly changing colour. If you compare it to this photo you can see the colour change quite clearly, but its so subtle.

Autumn 84

more of nature’s gold..

Autumn 85

Above you can see the seeds from the tree..