This weekend i’ve been under the weather somewhat, with “Aunt Irma” visiting. I’ve tried not to let that stop me: yesterday i did some more family history research, trying to follow the descendents (other than our line) down from “the matron” i wrote about yesterday down to the present day (didn’t get far, and it was hard work – i worked all day at it, on and off), but i also made apple flapjacks and cinnamon rolls. very yum. its caturday, after all, and in this household, caturday involves bacon and egg butties for breakfast and pizza for tea. not that we’re inflexible or anything.. (!).

Today i put the family history to one side (to give my brain a rest) and made a christmas cake (it was going to be for Michiel’s parents for them to take home on the visit they were going to make for Michiel’s birthday, but since their visit has been cancelled and its far too heavy to post, i think it will be for us now) with a lil bit of the mix taken out and spooned into a clean tin from one of those heinz puddings to make a smaller version for sez, who is coming to visit over the first weekend in November (not entirely to see us.. i understand she’ll also be satisfying a certain craving for a certain american rock band). In between dashing to the kitchen to check on the cake (which took 6 hours to cook!) and doing dinner (stilton & beef burgers from aldi (very yum), mash, boiled onions, peas and a white sauce) .. i got to making more toppers. I’m getting better at this. (pics behind the cut, as always.

Christmas topper 4

first attempt at making a wireform christmas tree.. sez thinks its okay but i’m not sure.

Christmas topper 5

These two were the last two i made of the night. The original card had 4 squares showing a pink christmas tree, a pink stocking, a pink holly leaf and a pink christmas bauble in the shape of a star, all surrounded by gold. I cut them out, using a guillotine, to each picture, leaving a frame of gold around it, then used some paper to make the other squares, attaching them to different colour papers to make the background. Gold pen created the lines next to them.

Christmas topper 6

I particularly liked this one. This is the last one i did of the night. When i did the pink one, i drew the gold lines on one side first, and noticed how good it looked. Unfortunately by that time I’d already done a zigzag pattern on the other side, so i had to complete it, but for the next one, the blue one, i left it at the lines on opposite sides, as you can see. it didn’t look quite finished, like i’d just forgotten to do the lines on the other sides, so i did the dots to show i hadn’t, and that it was a deliberate design that way. I do like this one, very much. I’ll finish the other two tomorrow, probably varying them somewhat as well (I don’t like to have my cards identical, even if they’re very similar).

Christmas topper 8

This is my second favourite. Its not terribly clear, but the small white diamond in the middle has a picture of a sprig of holly on it. The red diamonds with the gold swirls came from the same card as the misteltoe picture, they were offcuts from another, larger piece (which i have yet to use), and i thought how attractive they were, so used them in this way. The small whiteish diamond is slightly raised off the other two by the way. And yes, those are my fingers! You can see, if you look closely, a cut on my index finger: did that slicing onions for the bread and butter pickle the other week..its almost healed now.

Christmas topper 9

These two are the same at the moment. I have to figure out how to make them different. Very simple and very boring at the moment. The christmas trees are raised off the card around them.

Christmas topper 11

The top one is the one that gave me inspiration for the later ones (you can see my thought processes, this is almost going backwards through my work). All three came from different cards: i wanted to give the idea of christmas cards hanging on the wall. The lowerone is just a picture attached to some red card at the moment.

Christmas topper 12

I rather like the snowman and christmas hat bursting out of the present! the one on the right is the same as the first one on this page, but with a ribbon behind it. Its not staying in place very well so i may have to sew it in. Still not sure about that one. For that matter, some of these may never find their way onto cards, may be pulled apart and reused. Its all a learning curve at the moment, really.

Cinnamon rolls

finally, just to make you jealous.. some of the cinnamon rolls i made yesterday.. a bread type dough with dark brown sugar and cinnamon sprinkled ontop before it was rolled up and cut into slices. yum. we’d already eaten some of them – these are the ones that remain. They’re all gone now though!!! they’re drizzled with a little icing.