Spent some time tonight making some cards.. I had to make 2 for family members – one for an uncle who has just moved into his new home, and the other to welcome Michiel’s dad home. I haven’t mentioned it before but Michiel’s Dad hasn’t been well at all, and was in hospital for a while and Michiel was extremely worried about him (in fact, we both have). Thankfully he’s pulled around and while not 100% better (it’ll be a while before he’s completely recovered), he’s on the way and coming home is a big step.

So that was tonight’s project. As always, i’ve taken photos for you to admire. I can’t post the one i made for Michiel’s dad as both Michiel’s Mom and Dad have this blog address so they may well peek at it before they get it.. LOL. but my Uncle doesn’t (although his daughter does – J!! if you see this, don’t tell your dad!) so i can safely share that one with you.

Uncle D congratulations card

[oh and Mum? the paper behind the red card? thats from that book you gave me. 🙂 thankyou for that!]

After both of those though i thought i would continue and make a christmas card. I took one of the toppers i made the other night and turned it into a proper card. I fubarred at one point, when the gold pen i was using made a huge *splodge* all over the place.. argh! i had to rip several layers off the card and go back to the topper. Ah well. you live and learn. Still, i’m very pleased with the end result – this looks very classic.

Christmas card 2

In addition, Mum has told me her office is having a christmas fair at the end of November for charity, and she has offered to ask if i can have a “stall”, which she’ll run, for my cards (with a 50/50 split of the proceeds – may be enough to at least cover my outgoings on cards). Its a tempting offer, and i’m going to ask her more questions about it, but it could mean that in the next few weeks i’m going to be making a lot more cards, which would be good, would help my experience levels ratchet up a lot. I’m thinking of making some paper labels to be attached to the backs of these cards – especially if i do end up selling them – something like.. “handmade by kethry” and “please consider recycling this card at M&S, Tescos, TK Maxx or WH Smith – Proceeds to The Woodland Trust – http://www.woodland-trust.org.uk”. may get some cellophane envelopes as well, to protect them until they’re ready to be used. If they are going to be sold then they need to be as professional as possible.

In addition, when Sez comes visiting on her way to the FooFighters concert, first weekend in November, we’re going to go to several arts/material/crafty shops in Manchester and see what we can pick up, so i’d better save my pennies for that!!!

lots to think about..