Autumn is still ongoing.. and so are the pics 🙂 i don’t know how much longer i’ll be posting them though. As Autumn pics, i mean. I’ve enjoyed doing these so much i may well continue with Winter, Spring and Summer. Although… i’ll probably have to move to flickr for them as i’m rapidly running out of space here on wordpress. Thankfully even if they are on flickr, i can still post them here as well.

behind the cut, as always.

Autumn 97

These two show just how much difference a simple background can make to showing off something. This tree happened to be standing next to the road (okay, a quiet road, but still). I had Jess with me and didn’t want to risk taking the photo from standing in the road, initially, so dodged round the other side – this is looking towards the road.


then i looked behind me and realised that taking the photo the other way would be far better. So i made sure nothing was coming, told Jess to sit, and dashed round the other side to take it from the other perspective. And its so much better! the brickwork really shows up the beautiful orange colours. I almost wish it was closer to the wall – there’s a pavement between the bed this tree is in and the wall – but it does show up so well.

Autumn 99

This one is right next to the wall and you can see how the colours reflect well off it and the greenery of the plant. I’ve admired this every time i’ve walked past. This is at the beginning of our regular path (along with the tree above) and mostly Jess is, by this time, doing the doggy pee dance and dragging me to the wooded path where she can water liberally. LOL. I must take photos showing the walk sometime. maybe next time.

Autumn 100

What also makes a difference is little things like the flash. Its quite an overcast day today, dark enough that it triggered the autoflash when i went to take this photo. With the flash on, it has the opposite effect to what was intended: it washes out the dark brown stem that i had intended to highlight against the grass and it just doesn’t stand out. But look what happens when i turn the flash off..


its always worth playing with the different settings on a camera. You can sometimes have very happy accidents, and with digital cameras these days you can see the results straight away – enough to see if something unusual has happened (which is an improvement over the days of film!). When i attended a wedding in August, Mom shot a picture of myself with a cousin of mine outside and snapped a really unusual halo effect – it almost looks like our heads are on fire! I won’t post that picture here though, as i don’t have permission from the cousin.

Autumn 104

Regular readers will know i’ve been following this tree as it sheds its leaves (here and here). Its now totally denuded. I think strong winds stripped it of the last of its leaves a few days ago.

Autumn 105

If you look at this one, which last time i took a photo had a lot of its leaves, is now almost denuded, like its smaller neighbour. Here it is just 6 days ago.

Autumn 106

When Mom and Dad last visited, Mom came with me when i walked Jess, and when she saw these trees with their peeling trunk, she told me they’re called London Plane trees. The trunks are meant to be peeling like this – its a natural part of them, the bark selfrenews. I’m so glad its natural and not down to local hooligans.

Autumn 107

carpet of leaves

autumn 108

I like this tree. Its like someone’s come along with a very big flame gun and just caught the top of it… quite unusual that, to see the top of the tree catching before the bottom.

Autumn 110

more leaves that’ve turned

Autumn 111

Another thing i like about this camera – and i’ve said this before – is that the screen that shows what the photo will be before you click it – means you don’t have to have your eye to the viewfinder. In fact, i rarely take photos that way. this photo – and the one following – meant i could just put the camera to the ground and snap. Anyway, one of the problems with heavy leaf fall is for grass – they have to push through to get to the light.

Autumn 112

this gives a different perspective on the world. I really like this photo actually.

Autumn 113

This was waiting for me when i got home, on the garden gate. I expect its the last time i shall see a visitor like this this year. He was still alive, although quite sluggish – the flash triggered the first time and he didn’t even move for that, despite the camera being right ontop of him (I don’t have a zoom on mine). poor little thing.