I made some halloween cookies today. I found a recipe for the biscuit part from someone’s blog, but i wasn’t impressed, it didn’t work at all well and i ended up throwing half of it away as it just would *not* bind together. Having said that, the biscuits, once baked, were very nice. I’ll have to find a better recipe, i think. In addition the new icing syringe i’d gotten from Lidl didn’t work either so that is going back – i managed to get it to work for the biscuits but i was not impressed. note to self: don’t buy kitchen equipment from there again.

Anyway. before you yell, sez, yes.. there are pics.. of course!!

cookie 1

I checked my stash of cookie cutters – having gotten a big box of 101 cutters from Lakeland – and to my delight, found 4 halloween ones – a ghost, a witch’s head, a cat and a moon. I got cutting away happily – there are plenty of other ones too, christmas, valentine’s easter.. you name it! all i need is a decent recipe.. grrr..

Cookie 2

and here they are, iced.. the noozzles that came with the icing set were all very wide (that was the narrowest one there was) – another reason i wasn’t impressed. It didn’t give me any opportunity to do any fine work. Ah well. teach me to a) spend more money on an icing set and b) not to get stuff from lidl. They’re edible, and that’s the important part!!!

 Anyway. Happy Halloween!!