no, not me!! It’s Michiel’s birthday today!! He didn’t get a big present off me as he had that at the end of August (new computer), but i did, by way of compensation, give him a meal fit for a king.. I asked what he wanted and he said “venison, or steak”. I couldn’t get him venison, but when i went to get him some nice steak (matured sirloin, 19 by 8 by 2 cm – Length, width and height) they were also, as it was the end of the day, selling cooked meat from the rotisserie – i think they have to sell it that day or dispose of it. So i picked up 3 chunks of minted lamb, 3 chinese chicken legs and 6 chicken wings as well.

When i got home, he asked what was for dinner so i said “garlic roast potatoes and meat”. that satisfied him for about 10 minutes then said.. “yes, but what meat?”.. so i told him about the steaks and shows him.. he had a little bit raw (he loves raw beef) then i went off to cook. The beef was shown the grill for about a minute each side, the other meat i popped into the oven along with some thai chicken for me and the garlic roast spuds.

the big surprise was up when he came into the kitchen just as i was dishing up, but you should’ve seen his face. like.. “OMG.. is that for me TOO?”. LOL. Anyway, he sat down to eat the steaks, then managed 2 of the lamb chunks before he admitted defeat.. and asked me to put the chicken and other lamb chunk into a big metal bowl, so he could nibble at the rest of it as the night rolled on. We’ve 3 movies to watch from Blockbusters: “Hot Fuzz”, “Big Nothing” and “Wild Hogs”, so he will be happy for the rest of the night. Oh, and he has a bottle of rather nice red wine from Aldi.. 🙂

meat 1

the table all laid out for dinner.. along with pots of mustard, mayo and home made chilli jam..

meat 2

the important part. in more detail. (just for the guys from woodchucks.)

meat 3

“i can haz buhket?” (yes, Michiel. you can haz buhket. he just said. “mah meat buhket. I haz it.” this will only make any sense if you’re a regular reader of “i can has cheezeburger“. )

so. Happy birthday, Michiel, my love. Enjoy. cos it’ll be a year or more before you get this again.. LOL. I love you! xx