more autumn pics. Oh, and “AutumnWatch” is on the BBC tonight at 8pm for those who like this and who are in the UK. behind the cut as usual.

Autumn 114

The colours of this plant against the yellow of the fallen leaves caught my camera eye…

Autumn 116

a carpet of fallen leaves

autumn 123

Although its Guy Fawkes’ Night tonight (aka bonfire night) in the UK, many chose to have their bonfires on saturday night, and our neighbourhood was no exception. They didn’t have a Guy, though, which i was somewhat disappointed about. Next year I may have a word with the organiser and see if we can get one built as my contribution to the community!


How to annoy your neighbours: technique 25 – light a bonfire in your back garden, the day *after* the huge community bonfire that night, and when your neighbours have their washing hanging out.. (and no, it wasn’t me!)

Autumn 126

It seems hard to believe, that this desolate wasteland (where the fire was built the night before) will once again be green. Mother Nature is a wonderful thing.

Autumn 129

some furniture was burnt as well, as you can see – the springs are all that have survived.