the weekend was hectic: sez came to stay (while she went to see foofighters) and we spent saturday wandering around manchester city centre, shopping for bits n bobs. I got various crafty stuff, which has meant i’ve been busy the last 24 hours with cardmaking, of the christmas variety. I thought i’d share.. behind the cut, of course.

christmas card 7

this one looks so simple, but turned out to be very hard to make. took around 2 hours and a lot of swearing under my breath..

Christmas card 8

while in town i picked up a pack of 50 blank cards in red, gold and green colours (for £5), which are coming in very handy. They had a pack of blue, silver and purple too which i may go back to get. this one has a stylised christmas tree made by me. I might make another one of these. Not sure yet.

Christmas card 10

this one i particularly like – bright and cheerful

Christmas card 11

this one was an experimentation.. the card that was cut from the red card above (with the stylised christmas tree), i was looking at it and wondering if i could use it. I ended up cutting the other side to match, attaching ribbon to it and using it on this card. Waste not, Want not!! the candle in the middle came from a whole bunch of accents i picked up from a shop in manchester at the weekend.

Christmas card 13

this is another one i particularly like, although its not using traditional christmas colours at all!

Christmas card 14

This one has a surprise… the ‘postcard’ with the church and tree on dangles loosely from the ribbon in the corner, and you can flip it over to see a christmas message on the back, and some “presents” underneath!

Christmas card 16

the underside, with the “presents” visible.. only about 30 cards left to make – and then i have to get started on the ones for my family! i need to pick up speed on these, i think!