Haven’t blogged for a while, as will be evident from the dates – been laid out by a stinkin rotten cold for the last week. Well, not exactly laid out.. just miserable and not really doing much. What i have been doing is working on the family history research, but otherwise, just doing as little as possible. Michiel has been doing a splendid job of looking after me, despite me parping my nose loudly and doing a great seal impression.. he’s had the patience of a saint really.

I made it out today to take Jess for her evening constitutional, and of course i took the camera. It was getting a bit too dark, but what was clear is that the week off i’d had had seen some dramatic changes – very few leaves left on the trees, which you can really see in the series that i’m taking, and i need to find a flash thingie for (so that it changes slowly). and get flickr working for. *sighs* – add it to the list of things that need doing (which is going up on the sidebar, an idea i’ve borrowed from Sez. you can see it in practice on her blog. Thanks Sez!). [addendum: decided to go the whole hog and do a reading list too. although whether i’ll keep up with it is another thing. I read *fast*.]
Pics behind the cut, as usual.

Autumn 130

Not a great photo as its a bit too dark, but i do like this little oak tree.

Autumn 131

A proper winter sunset.. from the end of the garden.

Autumn 133

Amazingly, given its mid-November and we’ve had a couple of hard frosts.. I’m still getting sweetpea flowers..

Autumn 132

Although they’re few and far between and a little rag tag, i’m just amazed i’m getting any at all.. let alone..

Autumn 134

Sugarsnap Peas. I pulled the big peapod off the stem after taking this photo and ate it. Wonderfully Juicy Sweet. And no, its not protected or sheltered in any way. I may plant these out earlier next year. They can obviously cope with some cold. they’re still flowering too.