Do you ever come across an article or bit of information that makes you sit up and take notice? i just have. I’ve read about some women who complained because part of “their” swimming pool was roped off for the use of injured servicemen, that they hadn’t paid for the use of it.

Yeah. you read that right. Men who have been injured in Iraq, in Afghanistan, some of them severely injured, had to endure abuse from these “people”, being screamed at that they didn’t deserve to be there.

Regardless of how you feel about the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the War on Terror.. don’t blame the servicemen. They’ve paid, in spades. Its just one more example of the “I’m alright, Joe” mentality, the selfishness, failing to think of the wider story. My great Uncle was part of the British Expeditionary Force in WWII, was at Dunkirk, and was captured by the Japanese in the Far East. he died a few years ago, but i often think of him, the hell that he and others of his generation went through, the huge debt that the world owes to men and women like him, whenever and wherever they served. The attitude that the veterans should not be allowed in the pool because “they might scare the children” or that they hadn’t paid well and truly stinks.

Full story to be found here and here. Thanks to Tony of Cynical Chatter for the heads up.