well.. tomorrow I’m off to my Mom and Dad’s for Mom’s office Christmas fair for charity.. as i mentioned before I’ve been making Christmas cards to take with me to sell at that event, so the last few days have been somewhat frantic with trying to get enough made (and I’m still not done. I’ve still got all my own to make – although thats for when I get back).

However, since the majority of my cards are one-offs and unique (and even those that aren’t, there are, at most, 2 or 3 of the same ones) I’ve been taking photos of them all as i’ve gone along. If you like cards, you’re more than welcome to look, if you don’t, then skip this entry. Nothing but cards here to see!!

I’ll let you all know how it went when i get back – on Sunday. Planning to go shopping with Mum, visit with family (Dad’s family who live locally), and marzipan/ice/decorate 2 Christmas cakes. Its all go!

By the way: A lot of my cards have recycled parts from old Christmas cards (my family give them to me) which i then cut up and re-use. If you want to recycle yours, you can take them to a participating branch of either: M&S, Tescos, TK Maxx or WH Smith between 2nd and 31st January where they will be recycled to help The Woodland Trust – see the link for more details.

If you’ve bought a card at the fair, and you’ve come here to have a peek at who I am and what I’m all about.. *waves cheerily*.. hey, hope you enjoy your card!! Feel free to have a look around.. 😀


this one i almost forgot to take a photo of. Hence why its wrapped in cellophane (which they all are, after the photograph is taken – the cellophane, as you can see, makes it hard to get a good shot where the flash isn’t bouncing off) and in a box.

These two are my favorites. I’m so tempted to keep them for me.

the “leaves and berries” (fake) on this one came from a christmas cracker last christmas. Recycling is good! a lot of these cards have recycle bits from other cards.