I’m with Nigella on this. Food is comfort. I know its energy and sustenance and all that as well… but if i’m feeling down, there’s nothing better to pick me up than a bowl or plate of something glorious in front of me. Food is so intrinsically linked to moods.. there are specific foods for me, for specific moods. Here are two, recent ones.

In that “i’m not feeling so great, bit under the weather” mood, gonna snuggle down in my nice warm bed with a good book and my mug of hot chocolate with rum and squirty cream ontop, feeling gloriously decadent at all the cream, giggling at myself with the cream moustache, and finally snuggling down to sleep with a warm tummy. Just what the doctor prescribed.”

the weather is terrible outside. But in here, its warm and snug. Christmas is fast approaching. Winter is just beginning. How better to celebrate that fact than with some mince pies? Here, i adapted Delia’s Caramelised Mincemeat Ravioli recipe by using ready-rolled rough puff pastry instead of her flaky pastry. They looked so good like this i’m afraid we didn’t bother to carmelise them. Very easy, i’m definetly doing this again. And in the meantime, the house smelled all lovely with the mincemeat.. Home made, of course!