Although i’ve been walking Jess most days lately, i’ll confess that i’ve either been walking her too late or the weather has been too dismal, and, i suppose, there just isn’t that much to photograph any more.

However, i’ve a few to share. Behind the cut. Of course.

disembodied glove..

whats this, a disembodied hand floating in the darkness…?

disembodied glove 2

no – a glove had fallen off and someone had obviously stuck it on the shrub for its owner to collect without it getting wet.. good thing too. Lovely bright colours! yes. that’s Jess nuzzling in the grass behind..

I love the way the rain makes these muted colours stronger. This, of course, is a London Plane. Compare it to a similar photo in the dry and you’ll see what i mean.

What glorious colours! there are still little pockets of Autumn to be found, if you know where to look.

And of course, the Winter berries are starting to come through.. all christmassy!