okay. This has to be the stuff of my nightmares: getting out of the bath, opening the bathroom door, and finding a posse of police pointing the business end of a gun at you. Granted, it wouldn’t happen in the UK unless i was holding a gun (armed response officers are only called out when a firearm is involved, most policemen are not routinely armed) and i’m not so stupid as to do that, whether in the bath or no, but still. At least i, even without my hearing aids, can make myself understood. This guy couldn’t, couldn’t make them understand that he was deaf and couldn’t hear them and then the police shot him with a taser anyway. Original news report can be found here. It brings up a more serious matter, though, although this man was shot was a taser and thus, once he recovered, was uninjured (and was apologised to), you have to wonder, in places where police are armed and can shoot to wound, is it possible for a deaf person to be fatally shot by mistake? I don’t know. but it makes me glad the UK’s police force isn’t routinely armed.

Some things just leave you speechless. And I tell you one thing. if i take a bath when Michiel isn’t in the house, i’m going to make damn sure i lock the door.