which i’m not doing any of. nope. not a thing. Except a christmas present.. I’m still working on this family history thing! Mind you, its going to be magnificent when i’m finished. I’m now back to 1764, the marriage date of two of my ancestors, although i can’t (yet) find their birth dates. Nearly done, though! I think i’ll be finished either tomorrow or Sunday. Email it to mom for a proof read, get it back, print it on Monday or Tuesday, and get it in the post to my great aunt!

Then, after that, the christmas preparations begin!!:

  • The christmas tree has to go up
  • The christmas decorations have to go up
  • Christmas present wrapping, although i can’t mention what as the recipients read this!
  • Marzipan and Ice gran’s WI cake
  • decorate our cake
  • bake mince pies
  • bake the christmas ham
  • pick up the turkey/stuffing/bacon/lambleg/ham
  • do the final christmas shopping bits n pieces
  • Clean the house
  • Tidy the garden.

so. come christmas, i shall be nicely exhausted (!). still, its worth it. christmas day we’re on our own, on 27th, Mom, Dad and Gran are coming up for the day. I’m doing as much as i can beforehand to make things easier. For example – i’ve bought, prepared and frozen the sprouts, all i need to do is cook them. Parsnips are peeled, cut and parboiled, and frozen (yes, mum, parsnips for you!). Pigs in Blankets, likewise, are done, frozen, ready to go. most of the long term stuff is bought, just the fresh stuff, meat, and some more booze and soft drinks to go.

then when we wave mom, dad, and gran off on 27th, I shall point Michiel to the fridge when he wants food, and have a holiday for a week!!

I shall try to keep posting, but with all this busy-ness, i shall be pushed to. In addition, some photos i can take but won’t be able to post till after Christmas, when the recipients have them!

for now though: back to The Narrative, as i’ve taken to calling the research.. i just hope i get it all done!