the family history that is. or at least, what i’m doing before christmas.. its one of those things that’s never really finished in entireity. anyway. 36 pages of text including photos 6 chapters and 6 mini family trees, showing individual branches, 4 appendices with large family trees, photos and so on later.. its done. I’ve emailed it to myself so i can access it online and tomorrow, i go to the library to print it out, put it in a smart folder, and post to my great aunt and keep another copy for my grandmother.

I’m dead proud of it actually. Its been a while since i did anything so intellectual, and although it’s been very tiring (I slept for 11 hours last night, i was that out of it) its also been good to have my brain stretched. And thats only one side of it all, my maternal grandmother’s ancestors and their descendents – and i got back to 1764, which is pretty good going. I still have to do at least my maternal grandfather’s ancestors, because i know Grannie will be interested in it, and will want it to complete her “who do you think you are” book, to the same level as i’ve done this, and i haven’t even touched on dad’s family, although i’m itching to. my paternal grandmother said something about her father having fought in WWI, lost a leg and so on, which none of us knew about before, so i’m itching to research him.

But for now, i have to put it to one side (once its printed anyway) and concentrate on christmas. I think i said in my last posting what has to be done, and i’m itching to get going with this lot too! Christmas is a week tomorrow, lots to do, lots of cooking and stuff and i’m looking forward to a lovely christmas break!

anyway. Keep your eyes peeled for photos of the christmas decorations, christmas food and since tonight is so cold, and it promises to be -3 still at 9.00am tomorrow morning so i might just grab the camera and head out with the dog to take some photos, especially if its all sunny and sparkly and stuff!!

and on that note, since its getting to be late.. bed time!