Its been a lovely day today. cold, but not too windy or bright, just about right, so i decided, rather than doing the house work i originally planned to do the garden instead. This was also encouragd by the fact that my avocado needed potting up, and the poinsetta i rescued from Tesco neded planting up too, and i’d bought some cyclamen and polyanthus from a florists to give some winter colour to the back door.

The poor poinsetta had been kept with others in a plastic wrap, bound far too tightly, and several of the stems were completely denuded of bracts. I’ve been researching poinsettas and apparently they will rebloom next year, even from the “bad” bracts, if i treat it properly, which i will do. But for now, i will just enjoy the bracts that are left, and try to nourish it! Next to it is a small ‘allo Vera plant (as i always think of it – of course, an aloe vera plant) given to me by Sez.

On the other end of the kitchen windowsill is my avocado plant that i grew from a stone last april. It’d been in the same pot since then but the roots were starting to poke out of the holes in the bottom, so it needed potting up. Its such a handsome plant, it would be a shame for it to die for want of a bigger pot. So, up it went. I hope it grows even bigger! Next to it, just peeking into the photograph is a Bromelia that Mom gave me. i potted it up a while back but i don’t think its terribly happy. Just about surviving, that one. 😦

I had popped into the florist to get some cellophane (for wrapping christmas presents in) when i saw they had some cyclamen and polyanthus for sale, and i thought how pretty they would be either side of the back door. So i bought them – 2 cyclamen, in pink, 4 polyanthus, 3 in pink and 1 in cream. When i took the avocado and poinsetta into the garden, i planted the cyclamen and polyanthus at the same time in the pots (oil cans) i recycled from the local takeout place (although i still haven’t painted them!), put bulbs in below the cyclamen/polyanthus for spring (a mix of crocus and snowdrops) and put some other bulbs in the bed with the baytree and that did have cornflower plants in last summer, as well as filling another pot with them. They should give some much needed colour, come spring 🙂

At the same time i tidied up in the garden a bit – ripping out the old sweetpeas/morning glory, tidying up canes, the old sweetcorn, picking up rubbish, sorting out pots and tidying up in the greenhouse.. it doesn’t look as though a lot has been done but it just looks that little bit tidier now.

so now its 4.30, Jess has been walked (twice), i’ve done more christmas food shopping (from aldi) and posted my great aunt’s present and a couple of cards, and i still have to do dinner, make bread and have a bath. Going to work on the living room now, doing a little housework and tidying up, ready for the christmas tree to go up – more pictures of that to come, hopefully tomorrow!