Sitting down for a break now.. a well deserved one!! After this afternoon’s break,  i didn’t stop there.. oh no.. I went and (finally) made the blind i’ve been promising myself i would make since i bought the material in a remnants bin in the Netherlands when we were there for new year earlier this year.. Tomorrow we’re having our hair cut, I’ll be shopping at lidl, and perhaps in Ashton under Lyne too. Its all go, go, go![Behind the cut, as usual]

It makes so much difference to the kitchen.. here’s a close up of the bead work along the bottom:

Pretty, isn’t it? (Its an old necklace, i recycled the beads as they go so nicely with the material..)

then i messed around with the sconces some more – the ivy is a very long trail that i cut and fitted almost perfectly!

When doing the greenery i decided i wanted some fir, or some kind of evergreen, other than holly or ivy, and i looked everywhere on that footpath for one, couldn’t see one. One of the neighbours has one in her garden, so i cheekily knocked on the door and asked if she minded if i cut a bit off her tree in exchange for an arrangement. The above one i gave to her.

This isn’t the best photo ever, but its the table arrangement i’ve done for our christmas table.

This is eventually going in the bathroom where there is a high, wide, small window.. Its not quite finished. I ran out of greenery by the time i did this one (this was last) and it was dark, so i wasn’t about to go out looking for more in the darkness! I’ll finish it tomorrow.


I finished the christmas tree as well!

this is my favorite photo. So warm, and welcoming.

On the other hand, the way the lights on this one have blurred is kinda nice too. take your pick!!