Its now “christmas eve”, in the sense that all the last minute stuff has been done. The mince pies are cooling, the kitchen floor is washed, all that remains is to move the living room round a bit, and go to bed.

Photos to share behind the cut.

mince pies – done in my new frangipane pan. I picked these up (2 of them) for 50p each at a charity shop – what a bargain! these little bite size mince pies are just over an inch across, and they taste absolutely fantastic.
An arty picture of the mince pies..
I also baked Christmas Cookies!! the colours are achieved by mixing a bit of egg yolk with some food colouring and, using a clean paintbrush, painting the cookies. I also bought, about 6 months ago, 101 cookie cutters – for just about every occasion, and of course i had to break them out for this!! So purty – i’ll be doing this again..
More Christmas cookies – one is a bit burnt (oh well, that’s one for the cook!!)
Boxing Day in this household involves a fry-up for breakfast. This is a kethiespecial fryup – guaranteed to cure a hangover. So, going around the plate, starting on the left: bacon, stuffing (left over from roast lamb dinner on Christmas Day), garlic mushrooms, 2 fried eggs, 2 lincolnshire sausages, 2 croquettes, black pudding. Baked beans in the middle, and a fried tomato is a bit buried somewhere. Yum!
Presents, now – this is my Nan’s present, part of it anyway. I’m also giving her a hanging basket with some cherry tomato plants in it, but i have to grow the tomato plants, so that’s an IOU! this has pickled onions, spiced savory peaches, and two different plums in it. all home made of course.
This is the same, wrapped.
Dad’s present. Pickled onions, hot crab apple and chilli jelly, chilli vodka, onion marmalade and bread and butter pickles (home made), some port, stilton and cheese biscuits to compliment it all.
Dad’s present, wrapped.
Mom’s present. A selection of home made jams, limoncello, sloe gin, and terry’s chocolate orange vodka, with some lebuchuken, cheeses, and (not shown), dried apricots dunked in chocolate.
Finally, a pic of Jess on christmas day 🙂
Happy Christmas!