I was given a “Garden diary” or journal for Christmas by Sarah, a really lovely clip file, which i’ve been starting up.. I’ve also got a household journal. Neither are classic “diaries” in the sense that this blog is, but are reference points for things. Since Journals like these are under discussion in a thread over on the MSE forums, i thought i would take photos of and share some of the details of my journals.. Photos behind the cut, as usual.

isn’t it pretty? This is my Garden Diary. the red tab on the side is held in place via a velcro strip, which helps the whole thing to hold together.

The side view – i especially like the lil flower at the bottom. This was covered and made by sez.

Inside view – the back. Most of the pages in here are blank at the moment, as i’m still writing it up, and i haven’t yet put the sheets that i have written up in here. on the right hand side, the back of the folder, is a small envelope – Sez put 3 packets of seeds in there, which is a nice touch. I’ve far too many seeds to put them ALL in there though!

One of the pages. The bulk of the journal is a page for every type of veg and herb seed i’ve got, with the following information: Name, Latin Name, the company who supplied them, when it was bought/given to me, when i have to use it by, No of seeds in the packet, the sowing period, the harvesting period, when it was sowed, when it was planted out, when it was harvested, and a copy of the sowing instructions found on the back of the packet. After that come my notes – observations on how well it grew, what i would change next year, how much i harvested, that kind of thing. If i keep it up, this time next year it’ll be a very powerful tool for helping me decide how to do my garden in 2009.

I shall probably also do the same for the flower seeds i’ve got, and a garden plan, in order to help with crop rotation, as well as maybe a sort of diary schedule: what i did when. Its very much in development! If anyone has any suggestions.. feel free to make them!

This is the front page of my household journal. Also an A5 clip file, its been around for a long time – its just covered with some wrapping paper, with some stickybacked plastic on top of that. Like the garden diary, its held together with a tab and a bit of stickybacked velcro.

The inside of my household journal – as you can see, its well used!! most of it is recipes (including a whole bunch in the back, loose, which i’ve yet to put into a format that fits the rest of it – yes, its OCD i know!) – the tabs read: routines, household management (basically shopping lists), finances, Health notes, Diet and exercise, a sort of calendar which doesn’t get used, a christmas food section – the same recipes i pull out year after year, for the simple reason that they work, notes on xmas decorations and gifts, emergency details and insurance notes, and recipes. I could really do with revamping it. I might get round to that once the garden diary is set up. At the moment i can’t do very much as my back has gone, moving around was agony this morning until i could gulp some painkillers. I’m just proud i managed to take jess as usual!! I’m taking good painkillers though, and anti-inflammatories (my back flaring up is a semi-regular thing and i – fortunately – know what to do for it) so i am hoping it won’t be too long before i’m able to get back to work on my projects list for January, cos i’ve not really done any of it at all!