We’ve been watching the HFW programme “Chicken Run” the last couple nights (ends tonight) on channel 4. While none of it has really been a surprise, it has been enough – with lots of other factors – to make me think. Its an interesting programme – i rather like Hayley, its interesting watching her ambivalence to Hugh, she comes across as liking him without wanting to like him. Her initial attitude was “here’s this rich geezer who has no idea what its like for me as a single mum of 3 telling me how to live my life” but she seems to have gradually warmed to him and his ideas, but is reluctant to let go of her initial ideas. I’m going to be interested to see where she goes tonight.

My eyes also rolled in horror at the attitude of one lady when Hugh was doing his HFW version of “rubber chicken” (making a roast chicken stretch (hence the rubber) further than just the one meal it was intended for – seasoned MSE’ers compete to see how far they can stretch one!) by making a chicken risotto, making a stock with the bones – the woman said “I only ever use the breasts and chuck the rest away”. I just hope she learns. anyway. If you’re interested in learning more about HFW’s Chicken Out! campaign, then the link is here. Sign the campaign!! and if you’re interested in learning more about ethical meat/animal food, then this article in the Independent is pretty good.

Anyway. net effect of this: I’m now slowly changing our diet to mainly veggie during the week, in order to – hopefully – afford better (i.e. happier!) meat at the weekend. its been coming for a while, but i hope this is going to work out better and healthier for us. i’m just going to use up what’s in the freezer, then try to reduce the amount of non-“happy” meat, eggs and milk that we’re eating.

Last night’s offering was veggie, and had i done home made tortilla pancakes instead of shop bought taco shells it would’ve been even cheaper. tonight’s meal is lentil and red pepper pasta, and tomorrow will probably be veg cheese with bread (being similar to cauliflower cheese but with extra veg and stuff in). I’m going to go make some home made bread in a minute, with the whey from the yoghurt i made yesterday mixed in (instead of water), not quite sure what effect it will have, but i’m determined not to waste it. I’m also setting some more yoghurt in motion.

I went to Aldi to get some milk (and other stuff) this afternoon, and the asian food shop to get some more veg. I even managed to walk back, tugging my lil granny trolley behind me, instead of getting a taxi and i’m proud of that, given how bad my back was this morning! Michiel isn’t happy about it, i know, listening to me groaning and ow-ing around the place, but it really does ease up painwise after a few hours. As i said to Sez on MSN this afternoon, its like my body, during sleep, gets used to the pressure (of gravity) sideways on my hips over 8 hours, so the muscles lock up, so when i get up and the pressure shifts to upright, it hurts (OMG, does it hurt, even just sitting hurts then) but once a few hours have gone by the body gets used to being upright again (whether sitting or standing) and the pain lessens somewhat, just flares up if i bend wrongly (which i’m careful not to do). I’m taking anti-inflammatories and painkillers and Michiel wants me to go to the doctors, which i’ve agreed to do, although i’m not sure how much they can do (other than prescribe stronger anti-inflammatories, last time i had this they prescribed me voltarol). What i do know is that i need to get better soon. I’ve too much to do otherwise. argh.

* borrowed from the WWII song “run, rabbit, run, rabbit, run run run!