podcasts have been around for a while now, and are becoming increasingly popular on the net. For obvious reasons i’ve always skipped right on by, but recently Mel of Beansprouts thought about setting up a podcast on her blog, and asked what people thought. so i spoke up about the difficulties of listening to a podcast when you’ve a hearing problem, and she promised to think about transcriptions. (which is great, cos transcriptions take ages but are a real boon to people like us.)

And then i started emailing Emma of Fluffius Muppetus.  Initially it was over some seeds: she put extra packets she had going spare on her blog, said, if you want them, send me an SAE. which i did. And then she asked, having seen my comment on Mel’s blog, about transcriptions of podcasts, since she did them fairly frequently, about whether they would be useful to anyone, are deaf people interested in gardening? i actually found her question quite difficult to answer, mostly because i don’t keep in touch with the deaf community – i really only know one deaf person at the moment, and she’s in the US (although she does, as it happens, love gardening!).

Today i went to look stuff up on this issue. there isn’t a lot out there – most searches on podcast and deaf leads to videopodcasts by deaf people (which is of course a good thing), but i found a few. This page (by the RNIB – Royal National Institute for the Blind, funnily enough) has good tips on how to make a good podcast for the disabled, including the deaf, this blog entry, although rather old, has some valid points, and this blog entry has more tips, including autotranscribing services.

Anyway. back to Emma. i settled for saying: give it a try, look at the download figures of the PDF as a percentage of download figures for the podcast and make a decision from there whether you’re going to continue them. so that’s what she’s done. And she’s promised to talk to some other podcasters she knows, so if it proves popular, its a little bit of the net converted for deaf people..

I looked at the first one this morning, and its fantastic! it looks so professional, I’m actually considering downloading the podcast just to listen to her voice, and i don’t say that often 🙂

So well done to Emma!!!

Go have a look, download and listen!! I promise its worth it.. Thanks Emma!