the greenhouse has gone. well, not exactly gone, as in, *poof!*, but as in, trashed, wrecked. 6.00am this morning, the rickety fence between our neighbour and us collapsed, crashed into the greenhouse, and knocked the whole thing over. Michiel woke me, i dressed and we ran out, ripped the cover from it, the whole frame had collapsed, so the intention was to just lock down the cover to stop it blowing away (and causing an accident – the wind was gusting to 45mph according to one weather site) and rescue the contents of the greenhouse. Fortunately there was only one plant in there, in dormancy (chives) so nothing was killed, it was more a question of bringing in  empty pots etc., in order to prevent them being blown away too.

I shall take photos of what’s left when its daylight, but needless to say: the greenhouse frame is damaged beyond repair and i shall have to get another one, rather than resorting to a new cover (which i had hoped to get).  it’s also putting a dampner on my plans to use the greenhouse as an enormous coldframe, at least until March winds are over (and, more importantly) the fence has been repaired/replaced. I have a feeling they’re gonna have to dig up part of the garden in order to get that done. *le sigh*.

so right now i am sat here with a cuppa, then i am gonna go back to bed. I’m okay, as i was half expecting the cover to be ripped, but i am annoyed about the fence. It should have been repaired by now, so i shall be going to the housing later today to report it.

with luck a better fence will go up soon, then i can get a new greenhouse, and it won’t affect my growing schedule..