at last.. the promised photos of the wreckage of the greenhouse..

as you can see, its in a pretty sorry state. The night it happened we dashed out and dragged in most of the contents of the greenhouse (empty pots etc.) but the larger ones are still there. fortunately there’s no plants in there so, greenhouse apart, no real damage was done. I think i may be able to put the staging part back together and use it as a potting area next to the house, or to just have plants on, and use some of the metal supports for things to grow up. waste not, want not.. 

you can see here that the fence has completely gone. again, that’s no bad thing. It was pretty rotten anyway and needed replacing badly, but i don’t think the housing would have done so until it had completely broken down. I’m going to hold off on putting the new greenhouse up until after the new fence is up.. and after the worst of the spring storms are over! I spoke to Mum last night and she and my gran have clubbed together to put some money aside for me for a new greenhouse, which is very kind of them, and its more than i need, so we’ve agreed that the difference can go towards a new cold frame, as good as i can get for that money (i have to research it), and which will give me much needed space for growing on seedlings that don’t need the warmth of the windowsill, necessarily, but are too little to go out into the winds and frost of late winter/early spring. I only have three suitable windowsills for growing on and it gets a bit crowded at times!

The first signs of spring.. a row of daffodils coming up in the grounds of an old people’s home near where we live.. made my heart lift, did this.. 

as did this, a small clump of daffodils pushing up below some trees. i just hope they survive and don’t get trampled on by some thoughtless person… 

Am keeping a very keen weather eye out, waiting for a suitable break from the rain to let the ground dry out a bit, then i can hire my rotavator and rip up the side garden. I can’t wait!! I’m also working on a planting schedule, and notes from Alan Titchmarsh’s “The Gardener’s Year” which is such a fantastic book, full of useful info on what to do, when. so even if i can’t work directly on the garden, i can work indirectly on it! More to come later..