yes.. every little really does help. every penny helps the farmer. every little cm2 of space helps the chicken. every bit of light, time to grow (slowly), makes for a better life for the bird, and better meat for the customer.

Yes, Tesco. Every little does help.

so why the HELL have they dropped the price of their standard chicken from £2.50 to £1.99?

I cannot help but feel that this is a major clanger for Tescos, they need to make it clear NOW that if they are selling this chicken for £1.99 they are doing so as a loss leader, that the farmer receives the same price per chicken and that the welfare isn’t any lower.

It also smacks of desperation: every time i’ve been in there lately, chickens have been sitting on the shelves, and people are not buying them. I cannot help but wonder if this is a move by them to try to draw people back to battery farmed, profit making chicken (for Tescos, at least), before the Free-Ranged chicken becomes more widely available (in March, according to the notice on the front of the meat cabinet there i saw last week).

Maybe i’m cynical, but it doesn’t show them in a good light. i think they’ll live to regret this move. and i hope people see it for what it is… desperation.