I got out into the garden today and planted the garlic. It felt wonderful to be working with the soil again, although it wasn’t for very long. I just forked over Bed 1 (which was lovely and crumbly, wet, but not claggy as i feared it would be) then planted the cloves of Solent Wight, 2 inches deep, 6 inches apart. Its a bit late, i just hope it’s in time, but its been so wet i feared the cloves rotting in the soil.

I’ve also noticed my shallots are sprouting: they shouldn’t be, but they’re sprouting in the warmth of the house. I’ve popped them outside for now, hoping that the cold will make them shut down (and not kill them off) but i’ve checked planting instructions and it says to plant mid february to mid march. So what i may do is to pop them into pots of compost until they ground is ready to take them (cos where i want them to go has yet to be rotavated).

I’ve also been looking at the list-of-what-to-buy.. obviously, a new greenhouse is on the list, although it won’t go up for some time yet, and a cold frame, but i also need the following: a new digging fork (one of the tines hit a stone and got bent backwards badly with the current one), a hoe, a wheelbarrow, compost (general, potting and seed) and fertiliser, a wheelbarrow and eventually, a lawnmower, although its not needed just yet.  Its going to work out expensive, i’ve been surfing around for different prices. The greenhouse is a plastic jobbie from Wilkinsons for £29.99, the same one i had last year (although i’ve seen, fallen hook, line and sinker for a proper “glass” greenhouse from Argos for £179.. *drool*.. and can’t afford), the cold frame (also wilkinsons) is £6.99, the wheelbarrow is £19.99 (again, Wilkos), the fork and hoe around £5-7 each (B&Q is cheaper than Wilkos), and then there’s all the compost to get as well, including a big delivery of the good stuff from Fairfield Compost, who i used last year.

We’ve got the cash for all this, but obviously, with other things (non garden stuff) to buy too, its a question of asking myself.. do i really need this or can i do without it.. and looking around to buy things a bit cheaper. hmm. maybe time to put an ad up on freecycle..