Between 6pm on Wednesday 27th February and 6pm on Thursday 28th February, people are being asked: if you’re not using something electrical.. turn it off! Of course, we should be doing that anyway, but E-day are asking people do this in conjunction with the national grid, who will measure the differences between what it forecast would’ve been used, and the actual electricity used over the 24 hour period. The idea is to demonstrate just what a difference it can make when millions of TV sets, videos, DVD players, etc. etc. are switched off standby. As the website says:

“By showing the cumulative effects of millions of peoples’ energy saving efforts, over a specific time, we hope individuals will decide that it is worth their time and effort to leave off electrical items, and that they can help to make a difference by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to tackle climate change.

The BBC also has an article on this here. So go on! switch it off!