today, as any self-respecting British person will know, is pancake day! Also known as Shrove Tuesday, the day before lent begins (on Ash Wednesday), pancake day has become a secular observation now, although the origins lie in  the days when eggs, butter, cream, cheese and milk were given up for lent. Originally many of the customs surrounding this day in the UK were similar to other catholic countries in Europe, but the reformation meant we lost many of these. However, pancake races, cheese rolling and other things still remain, and many children look forward to the day.

Including me!

In our household, pancakes are on the same level as the BBQ: Michiel’s Job. i’m not allowed to do pancakes, of course, the Dutch being the pancake (and food items of that ilk) kings, i’m not about to argue (besides, he makes the most gorgeous pancakes, i’d be silly to argue). I do, however, help: I’m permitted to chop and prepare the toppings. For us, that generally means making some garlic mushrooms (butter in a pan, on a medium heat, till it melts, then dump in a couple garlic cloves chopped in half and a bunch of sliced mushrooms and cook till no more liquid comes out of the mushrooms), chopping some spring onions, opening packets of brie, cheddar and ham, grabbing the stroop (dutch pancake syrup), lemon juice and sugar. We’ve got this down to a fine art now, and work well as a team together (at least, when he’s in charge. when i’m in charge he refuses to be in the kitchen cos we just clash). Anyway. you can see how organised it is:

the recipe we used was as follows:

250g plain flour / 400 ml milk / 100ml lager / sniff of salt / divine inspiration (he sais) / 3 eggs /

butter (for greasing pan) / toppings

put the flour in a bowl. crack the eggs in. pour in the milk & beer. whisk till smooth. it needs to be slightly on the thick side. grease a warm pan with butter, spoon some batter in and cook till its brown. use a fish slice to flip. Can’t give any more details than that as we use a cast iron frying pan to cook it and it won’t be the same for a normal pan; if you want a hold-me-by-the-hand recipe, suggest you try this one.

That produced this:

Which was the first pancake produced, traditionally the not-very-good-one –  which i think is pretty damn good. i loaded it with ham, brie and chopped spring onions, rolledit up and devoured it.


Doesn’t that look GOOD? the cheese all melted and oozed with the heat of the pancake and it was just totally totally yum.

My next pancake was filled with cheddar, topped with mushrooms cooked down in garlic butter. Again, totally.. totally, yum. No photo, sorry. I was too busy engaging mouth to fork. 😀

The final one (and by this point i was struggling, those pancakes are filling!) was simple lemon juice and sugar. the old ones are still the best, at least for me. And then that’s it. over for another year..