in my post of yesterday i related how i was trying to choose the various bits n pieces i need for the garden.. the weather looks to be holding off rain enough for the next few days that by monday i should be able to rotavate the side garden, i got that costed up today. just under Ā£72.. !!! (mental note: find out tomorrow if it comes with petrol or i have to get some from the garage). its worth it though, as i’ll be able to get all the digging done, then just order compost and keep ontop of the weeding. the guy was really nice, cut me a deal on the delivery charges and let me off on a deposit (should’ve been Ā£150!), and is going to let me have a copy of the manual tomorrow when i book it, and he’ll show me how to use it at the same time, so i’m pleased with that. Once its booked and paid for, i’m going to spend time over the weekend clearing the garden of rubbish (its amazing how many crisp packets, drinks bottles, cans of beer and general rubbish get dropped in our garden), clearing the obvious stones away, clearing up the greenhouse wreckage and strimming the grass down to a manageable level. I’ll make sure to take pictures at every stage though šŸ™‚

On the plus side, before christmas, when i potted up 2 large pots to go either side of the back door with cyclamen and polyanthus, i also put bulbs in those, in the ground, and in another pot for some spring cheer. the bulbs have started to come up, which is great! I can’t wait to see the actual flowers šŸ™‚ I’ve just checked the blog entry i wrote at the time and its a mix of crocus and snowdrops, which will be lovely, i think. there’s also some bluebells planted under the trees, which mom gave me last year, if they come up that’ll be great too, although i do want to rotavate that area. hmm. i’ll have to be careful, i think.

I spoke to Michiel last night about the posh greenhouse (the Ā£179 one). he said “buy it” but i wanted to research it some more, and i’ve come to the conclusion that although it would be lovely to have, i don’t really *need* it. so i’m going for the Ā£30 plastic one.Ā  I need to get some seed compost soon too. there’s a few things that need sowing in February (I did my planting schedule last night) so the great annual taking over of the windowsill is about to begin. Oh, and i have to get my spuds.. time to get over to Hulme Community Garden for those. there’s a list of spud varieties here, but i note they’re having a potato day on 24th February so i might go to that, that would be fun (plus they’ve experts from Alan Romans there that day), although i might also go before then, to make sure i get the varieties that i want to get (cos i bet they’ll sell well on 24th February). i’d like to get the more unusual varieties that are expensive or unavailable in the shops, like pink fir apple, there’s a lovely purple spud available, i know, although i can’t remember what its called, so things like that. šŸ™‚

So, its all starting to come together, which is great – i can’t wait to get out there tomorrow!

Oh! and major major plus bonus points: Ashes to Ashes is on the box tonight: Gene Hunt is back!! *sighs* can’t wait!