I’ve just been out to take jess for her last “watering” of the night. I looked down into my freshly dug bed with the garlic cloves planted in it. There are two huge footprints there.

I’m so livid. We live on the corner of two roads, both of which are cul-de-sacs, very quiet (in terms of traffic) and the local kids (kids being any age from about 6 to 18) take advantage of that to kick a football against the factory wall opposite to us as a form of entertainment. This happens for about 2-8 hours a day, depending on weather conditions. Occasionally the ball gets knocked into the garden. I have no problem with that. it happens. I don’t much like them playing football outside my garden, they yell, are noisy, and the fence is low enough that they can observe me moving around but.. hey, we live in a city. I ignore it as best i can.

But when they can’t be bothered to walk *around* a bed and just walk over it, squashing my garlic in the process, I get angry. and from the footprint size, this wasn’t done by little kids, who might have an excuse, but nearly grown adults.

As of tomorrow, i’m going to kick up a stink when they come in the garden. i’m going to go out there and make them wait for ME to get the ball. if they cannot be responsible and think about treading on other people’s property, then i won’t show them any consideration either. They can wait at the gate. its time they learned about showing other people respect, respecting other people’s properties and not just taking what they want without regard for anyone else.