rubbish collected from the garden: 4 cans, 1 bottle 

its been a wonderful afternoon. The weather is, quite simply, absolutely glorious – its hard to believe its early february. I’ve been too hot in the sun in my jumper, although i have to admit.. i am very very tired now. Been working hard. Anyway. Photos:

my first job was to grab the strimmer and run it over the grass in the side garden. i was pleasantly surprised: it took about 45 minutes to do the entire garden, almost, before the battery ran out of juice, but it meant i could see any stones and so on in the soil much better.
Not content with doing the areas that had to be done, i also did around the raised beds. They do look better for it. Probably shouldn’t have done it, it being february and all, but i figure it won’t do any damage really. you can’t really call the grass in my garden a “lawn”. Must invest in some decent grass seed at some point, try to repair some of the damage done over the years.
I also moved all the pots into the space where the greenhouse should go, just for now. Last year i found that when i put the pots in a sort of semi circle around the greenhouse, it worked well except for the fact that grass continued to grow around the pots and it was difficult to get in there with a strimmer. So i’ve decided this year to use the rotavator to dig a bed where the pots should go, stand the pots on the earth, then plant bedding plants or something like that in the bits inbetween the pots to make it look pretty, and mulch well. The silverish tarp in the foreground is the only thing left to move: its too heavy for me to move alone. Its got the soil in from the greenhouse that was dug out last spring!! Need to get that shifted.
I also grabbed the secateurs and snipped up all the wallflowers, dead sedum branches and ran the strimmer over the geranium, and snipped the branches of some trees growing against the fences, i don’t know what. They’re too big to snip at the base but hopefully i can get them dug out. I plan to try to dig up the sedum tomorrow and split it before replanting elsewhere – hopefully it’ll give it a new lease of life, then i can reuse that corner for other things.
there were a whole pile of nettles in the area next to the fence, between the tree. i stripped out the dead branches with my secateurs: tomorrow i’ll try to lightly run the rotavator over some of this area and dig in lots of compost.
I took Jess for a walk at around 3.30pm (the full 30 minute fast speed walk.. go me!). The sky was so incredibly blue, i had to take this photo and the following one. there was no wind. It felt almost like the earth was stretching after a long sleep, yawning, and gearing herself up to get going. Quite amazing.
beautiful, yes?

When I first went out there this afternoon I picked up 3 cans of lager, 1 bottle of lager and a can of pineapple flavoured drink, a very unusual one (I’ve never seen it before). Later, just before i was about to go in, i saw one of the regular guys walking over drinking.. you guessed it.. the same drink. I didn’t say anything, just carried on snipping out nettles, but i turned around and there was another can.. on the grass behind me. I picked it up, went to the gate, called to him.. “excuse me? Your can. I don’t want it in my garden. thankyou”. and he came over with a grunt and a sneer and took it off me. But he didn’t throw it back in the garden.. and he didn’t just drop it in the road either. Some progress, perhaps? more probably just waiting till my back was turned so he could drop it there. Still, if i’m persistent and polite hopefully they’ll get the message.

Tomorrow: ROTAVATING! I’m all excited! I’ll have a proper full garden, even if a lot of it is only earth.. *bounces*.. i can’t wait!

Oh and I’ve ordered a whole bunch of herb seeds through ebay and sez – including sorrel, loveage, and some unusual basils.. only a few left to go!!