[internet connection was restored, surprisingly, at 8.15pm tonight. this was written earlier with the intention of posting once net connection was restored.]

I’ve had a lovely afternoon. Its been warm enough outside that its felt more like april – no coats, just a jumper. I took a whole bunch of photos of the garden as it was before i started on it (with the exception of the garlic bed), needing a good tidy up and picking up of rubbish and general sorting out from the winter.

The side garden, you can see fallen branches and rubbish.. this is what needed clearing up ready for monday’s rotavating

Then i got to work: filled a small bin bag of rubbish from the garden, noting happily in passing that some bluebells that mom had given me and that i had planted under the trees were coming up (and i wasn’t entirely sure whether they would or not) and that some daffs that i’d kind of dumped over by the defunct bed 3 were also coming up (must give them a proper home).

The bluebells that are coming up

I found all kinds of rubbish in the garden: from pop bottles and the ubitiquous crisp and chocolate packets, to broken bottles of alcohol (beer and vodka being popular) and once, an empty condom packet. Thankfully though, no actual condoms, or needles. I shifted two large branches that had come down from the ash tree in the far corner over the winter, and picked up general bits of wood that had been chucked here n there.

Some of the rubbish chucked in the garden, over the fence. now cleared up.

Then i got to work on clearing the wreckage of the greenhouse. Quite a few of the connecting joints have been broken but i think i can make a couple of things out of what’s left. the staging, as discussed, will be re-erected by the back door, to use as a potting area/hold plant pots. the part that was the roof i think can be used with horticultural fleece/plastic to make a shallow cloche which will be quite good. and finally, other bits can probably be used as plant supports n that kind of thing. So the area looks a little better now, and is ready for the guys to fix the fence on monday without too much in the way.

Wreckage of the greenhouse

After that i put the rubbish in the dustbin and took Jess for her afternoon walk. It was a lovely walk, i picked up a large stick and played with her some which i think she really enjoyed, she’ll probably sleep like a log tonight. When we got back i didn’t want to go inside, i wanted to enjoy the nice weather (its gonna turn cold next week so it won’t be as mild as today i don’t think), so i opened the back door, let jess out in the garden on the leash, took some photos of her and read a book. I really enjoyed the downtime and the sad thing is that if i had been online i probably wouldn’t have done it, so i must make sure in future to shoot the breeze, as it were. I feel very relaxed right now (and tired, i only got about 5 hours sleep last night) so tonight i think i’ll sleep well.


Slightly tidier greenhouse area – still some work to do though, clearing containers and stuff. 

tomorrow: using the strimmer to clear away long grass, as much as i can, ready for the rotavator on Monday morning. I’ve changed my mind, by the way, from the plan i posted on the Garden Page. Because there are two trees (well one tree and one tree stump) in that side garden I’m going to encounter some fairly hefty tree roots, and having the path where i had it before, i think, doesn’t maximise the area that will have thinner tree roots in. so the path will be going much closer to the fence and the trees than previously planned, but we’ll see. play it by ear on monday, i think.

More photos can be seen here,  including photos of the garden taken from every angle. More photos tomorrow, after i’ve done more clearing/tidying up!