time to ressurect the Jess lurrrrrrve!!! As i said before, i spent some time in the garden this afternoon just chilling with Jess, and it was lovely – the first time we’ve been able to do that this year and it’ll be a while before we’re able to do it again i think (the weather is due to get colder than its been today).

Jess sniffing happily at something. She likes to investigate all the new things that happen in “her” garden. Has to keep on top of these things you know.. 
see what i mean? one happy puppy!
When she’s not investigating stuff she’s quite content to just lie in the grass and watch the world going by. If we had a porch, US style, i can see her sitting on a chair on the porch, kicking back with a long island iced tea, calling out to all the neighbours. She’s that kind of dog. Sociable and curious all rolled up into a lovely bundle.
at least until you get the hellhound looking back at you!!! The lead is stretched tight cos she’s trying to get somewhere – its one of those retractable ones. That’s as far as it goes. The stick in the foreground we picked up in the park and we were playing tug with it for a while. She doesn’t really do fetch. She’ll chase something readily enough, but once caught, she sits down to chew it. The “fetch” part, doesn’t seem to compute. Almost like she’s saying “get yer own damn stick, what do you think i am, a dog?”