I am now absolutely shattered: but the bits wot need rotivatin is rotivated: now its just a question of clearing up the various bits and pieces, getting rid of stones and branches and so on, raking the ground and making proper edging and paths (it isn’t possible to guide the rotavator to a straight line: it just jumps around so much). The side garden is dug over, the area underneath the trees, a bit around Bed 3 and the side of the greenhouse.

I promised photos:

Michiel wrestling with the beast that is the rotavator. “I is man! hear me roar! i will wrestle this rotavator beast, feed me meat!”. ahem. something like that anyway.ย 
About half of the side garden dug over.
Almost there. you can see the piles of matted grass on the right. job for tomorrow: clearing that lot up… and neatening the edges by the path (underneath the weed) and by the brick wall, where the rotavator wouldn’t go.
this was how the area under the trees was when we stopped for lunch. its not really visible now, but i reckon with some compost dug in it’ll make a nice bedding area for a mix of flowers and vegetables (foxgloves should love it there, in the shade in summer, but i won’t see them till next year, sadly).
Side garden, all dug up and messy!
Beautiful soft brown crumbly earth. I reckon this isn’t that far off the gardener’s ideal (lucky me!), maybe just a tad quick to dry, but i think digging in lots of compost should help with moisture retention.ย 
area by the greenhouse and bed 3. The square patch is where a tarp lay. I’ll have to reseed that area, but then, i need to work on the entire grass area (i can’t justifiably call it a lawn) and paths, they’re very very poorly maintained at the moment.
The garden in the last rays of the setting winter sun.

Tomorrow: tidying up some of the mess (weed etc.), and going down to Fairfield Compost to order a big delivery of compost, and replanting my daffodils and bluebells. On Wednesday i hope to get a new digging fork and a few other bits and pieces from Wilkinsons: i need to start sowing some seeds, and researching the various prices of edging for the beds. For tonight though: a well earned cup of tea, a hot bath, pizza delivery, and an early night.. ๐Ÿ˜€