rubbish collected from the garden: 3 cans. Total: 7 cans, 1 bottle

Oi been rotivating!! in fact, both of us have.. its 1.30pm and i’ve stopped for a break. that machine is so heavy, unwieldy and awkward to move, its hard work on the back just to try to hold it to stop it bouncing around. To anyone who thinks rotavating is the easy option: it isn’t. its the easier option, certainly the faster option but its by no means easy. We discovered a problem very early on: where i thought i had cut the grass down yesterday, i hadn’t. What’s happened is that the side garden wasn’t mown at all last summer, it just grew and grew, then died off when autumn came. I assume that it had rotted down over the winter. Unfortunately: no. Its formed a kind of matting between the soil and the new grass that’s pushed through it.. and on the first pass of the rotavator, we got about 3 yards before the rotators were tangled in dead grass (yes, Dad, you can say i-told-you-so). So work stopped while i pulled up the matted weed from the side garden. After that was done, the rotavating worked quickly enough: we started just after 11.30, and the side garden is now “done”, at least as far as the rotavator is concerned, and i’ve done an initial pass under the trees (and dug up – for safekeeping – my precious bluebells!). not bad for 2 hours work. I’ve still to do another pass under the trees, then a little bit by the side of the greenhouse/bed 3, but i think we’ll easily be finished by the time the guy comes to pick up the rotavator tonight.

I also started to catch the sun before Michiel stopped me, and told me to get the sun cream. Catching the sun? in february? and not up a mountain? in England? wow. I’m also now covered with dirt. It feels good to get out there and work hard (man i am so gonna sleep well tonight) and get dirty but I’m gonna need a bath later..

In other news: the guys from the housing who were supposed to turn up between 8 and 10am this morning.. didn’t show up. A van from Eastlands sat outside for about 5 minutes or so (max) around 9am, just as i went out to see if he was the guy to do the fence, he drove off. huh. Michiel is gonna call later to find out where they went (he reckons they got the wrong address and thought the first house in the block to the right of us, which is technically a different address was our address. We should sue the architect who built this estate.. its so badly designed).

photos to come later: I’ve been taking photos as the day has gone on, and i’ll also post the results of this afternoon’s work.

Right now, I’m going to wash my face (apparently its rather dirty!) and hands, then head to the shop to get some ham and make some lunch. Might indulge in some chocolate too. I think i deserve a nice reward 🙂