some seeds arrived in the post this morning! a nice collection from someone on ebay – Garlic Chives, Sorrel, Feverfew, Lovage, Russian Tarragon, Marjoram and a collection of different kinds of basils – cinnamon, greek, purple delight, lemon, lettuce leaf and ararat. It reminded me that i need to update my seed list – which i’ve now done, on the garden page. Still a few things left to get: some more herbs – lemon verbena, chervil, lemon balm, mint, and rosemary – and i’m sure i shall find some other obscure herbs i’d like.

I’d also like to get some round radishes – french breakfast would be good, need to get some seed spuds and i’d like to try to get golden burpees beetroot, cos it would give a lovely contrast with normal beetroot and chioggia, which i’ve already got. Raspberries or loganberries would be good , but good plants are expensive and they’re space hoggers so i may not. we’ll see.

I’ve just done a little online research. Lemon verbena and lemon balm both propagate by means of cuttings, so they’ll be difficult to get. I have, however, found chervil at Mr Fothergills, along with Mint (I’d like to build a collection of differnt mints though) and Rosemary, so i may get them from there. However, i’ll have a quick look at various shops to see if i manage to get lucky in a shop first, i think. start small and build up.. gah. keep trying to walk before i can run.

Does anyone else have any recommendations for herbs? I’m trying to build a nice container based herb garden as well as all my vegetables. I’ve already got, in addition to the ones that arrived this morning: Dill, Coriander, Thyme, Chives, Parsley – both curly and flatleaf, Basil – sweet, thai, Sage, oregano, green fennel, and bronze fennel. thanks!

I’ve replanted the daffodils and bluebells – in pots, for now, while i deal with the beds (so they don’t get trodden on). Long term they’ll go back in the beds under the trees to come up each year anew.  Caught one of the kids coming in the garden earlier through the gap in the fence between me and the neighbour – right over the newly dug part of bed 3. I told him to use “the bloody gate” (sorry, but i was cross). *sighs*. I may wander down to the housing in a bit – my period started this morning and i feel yucky but some fresh air and a gentle walk might do me good. find out when they’re planning to show up to fix the fence, and see if i can find out any more about this fence replacement thing. like when and how tall! Then a bath later. A nice warm bath would do me good, i think. 🙂