I’ve been busy with the knitting needles the last few evenings. Not done a lot, i’ve started to knit up some squares with the intention, in the long run, of making a blanket for the bed. this is something i can do when i’m watching the box in the evening, so it makes better use of the time i have 🙂

This shows the first two squares i made.

I decided that although the blanket itself might have more than one colour in it (I don’t think i’ve got enough wool in one colour to do a whole blanket big enough for the bed) i don’t want the squares themselves to have different colours. I want to do patterns in most of the squares (with a few plain ones), but i want the patterns within each square to come from different stitches, so the blanket is about texture rather than colour.

this is the second square – you can see the pattern from the different stitches. I started this one at 5.30pm yesterday while watching “Time Team” and finished it last night at 2.30am. A marathon session, i’m proud of it, but my wrists and fingers hurt, so i don’t think i’ll try to do that again – little and often is the way!