was sitting watching the box and knitting tonight when the sofa started shaking. I initially thought Michiel was shaking the back of the sofa to get my attention, or jess was scratching. I looked around. she wasn’t even on the sofa. I looked at Michiel. he shook his head to say.. “‘snot me!”. “earthquake?” i said. “something”, he said.

We waited 10 minutes. the news began to report it – BBC news website first, then BBC news 24. Only 4.7 on the Richter scale, milder than the one in 2002 (which was 5.0, and i do remember that one too) but it seemed to go on for longer – the one in 2002 i remember thinking that the dog was leaning against the foot of the bed and scratching with that one too.

So it gets me thinking. Who do i get to play in the filmGenevive Bujold, or Victoria Principal? maybe not. not with that afro, anyway.  (no, not Ava Gardener.. please.. I’m not that old!) …Genevive Bujold it is. at least i have the hair right. even if i do have to loose some weight…