apart from ordering the compost (which i have yet to do) the other big job is making beds out of the dugover area in the side garden. I started to do this yesterday – making 2 foot wide beds (with the intention of doing square foot gardening) leading up from the path around the house to the path by the fence. In the long run i hope to get some kind of edging around the beds and sow grass seed over the paths to make better paths, but.. bit at a time.

Compost will be ordered soon. Michiel has to go to the Netherlands this weekend, his family needs him there, so my focus the last few days has been on that. he’s due back on Monday 3rd March so hopefully after that i can order my compost and get working on the beds. I’ve got to really. I bought 140 bulbs yesterday in Aldi – 60 mixed dutch iris, 40 mixed Gladioli, and 40 triteleia – Queen Fabiolia, and 30 seed spuds from Wilkinsons today: 10 Anya, 10 Nicola, and 10 Pink Fir Apple, so i really do need to get all these in the ground fairly soon (although the spuds have to be chitted first, of course).  the other thing i need to work on is some kind of edging for bed 4 (the one under the trees). cheap as possible, while doing the job, which is going to take some ingenuity.. Given that the weather is going to be quite horrid this weekend, i shall probably concentrate on housework, while Michiel is away, and if i get time, i may get the sewing machine out too. We’ll see. 😀