*First, please let me reassure everyone: not a SERIOUS flood, we’re quite alright!!

Last thursday the sink decided to get blocked up. The washing machine was on at the time. said water in the machine had nowhere to go but up the sink.. and it flooded over the top. Michiel went in the kitchen to find it all covered in water and.. argh. we filled pots and pans with this horrible dark grey manky stinky water, dumped it in the bath (the one time when a flat with bathroom next to the kitchen is a blessing) and continued so till it stopped. Then we got to mopping up.

The emergency plumber was called the next day (which is a story in itself really – first they tried to make us wait a week till the plumber could come out, then monday, i finally threw a snit fit and sent them an email expressing dismay that they were “prepared to leave us living in unhygenic and unsanitary conditions”, and that the kitchen, as it was, has the potential to “make us seriously ill” – only after that did they apologise and send out the emergency guy) and he had a go, but wasn’t able to fix it – said someone would have to come out and do a high pressured jet thingie down the drains to fix the blockage. On – you guessed it – Monday.

Michiel was away from saturday onwards anyway (and ended up spending most of saturday stuck at Manchester airport after his initial flight at 11.30am was cancelled due to high winds – fortunately he got booked on another flight but that wasn’t leaving till 5.15pm – it got delayed and postponed and he eventually took off at 7.48pm!! poor guy) so i got a little bit of the kitchen cleaned up, enough to do sandwiches and pizza, and stacked the rest of the washing up neatly (of course, i’d used every pot the night of the flood to make salmon fillet, boiled spuds, peas and parsley sauce hadn’t i?) and resigned myself to a weekend of junk food (oh, woe is me, i hear you say..).

the guy eventually turned up this morning, and after i explained the situation, he changed a few pipes (basically cut off the potential outlets everywhere except the drain), covered the overflow pipe with a cloth, and, with a few pumps of a plunger, it was clear. Draining better than it had in a year or so. i thanked him profusely, saw him out, then got to cleaning up. Michiel was due home at around 5.30pm and i wanted to present him with a clean flat. Photos show the progress.

the top of the washing machine, which had been tucked under the counter and not pulled out for more than a year.. a year’s worth of dust and grime that then got wet and dried over the weekend.. ew.
amazing what a lil vinegar, hot water and a scrubber will do isn’t it?
one filthy kitchen
pile of washing up. When it came time to do the plates, i thought they weren’t too bad, but to my horror, something on the plates was brandishing cards demanding the vote.. i leaned close and asked them who they’d vote for. They were torn between “Brown (good dirty name that)” and “Bush (hey anything growing is good!)”. in order to avoid these horrible scenarios i was forced to clean them. Sorry guys. guess you don’t get the vote.
the cupboard under the sink. The seal around the sink isn’t a very good one and even a little bit of water splashed onto the surface from the sink results in it leaking below. I had kept baking tins and the like in here and of course.. they went rusty. This is what happened. I had to get the tins out anyway for the plumber so decided to a) clean them and this gunk up, and b) move them elsewhere. So i did.
ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa! its maaaaaaagic!
Halfway there. The washing up’s done, surface by the sink is clean (and the sink itself) and of course the cupboard beneath the sink. just the one on the right, on the other side of the cooker to do. and the floor.
I know! lets play “how high can we pile up the washing up before it all comes crashing down?”
One clean kitchen. and a clean floor. good enough to eat off, that floor.
after that i cleaned the bathroom. Here it is, all clean. mostly. and yes, the water is running. After all this i needed cleaning too!
Living room from the hall.