some more seeds arrived in the post this morning. yes, i know. i’ve got too many as it is! But i couldn’t resist: there was a seed swap over on the GYO forum. Two Sheds was offering Cherokee Trail of Tears french beans, which apparently were carried by the Cherokee Native Americans when they were forcibly relocated in 1838. i’d never seen these and they’re apparently really tasty beans with good reviews from both Allotment Lady and WelshGirl. so i sent off a SAE, and that’s what arrived this morning. She also included, to my delight, some climbing borlotti beans (i’ve only really got dwarf ones, – just one left over climbing borlotti bean from last year – so i’m extra pleased with that!) and some yin yang beans which are lovely, i admired them on Duck Dinner Dash’s blog last year and i’m so pleased to have a chance to try them this year. Thanks, Two_Sheds!