If you’re not a “Top Gear” fan or in the UK then you’re not gonna know who i’m talking about. But there’s a new car being unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow, according to the BBC. The Lifecar is emissions free (runs on hydrogen) and produces no noise.

I can see it now. Jeremy in the car, racing it round the Top Gear track, with a look of total disgust on his face. “I’ve been forced to drive this thing”, he’ll say. “but there’s no noise!” (thump the steering wheel). “I need the noise! And there’s no Stereo! and wooden seats!” Then he’ll discover the headphones. The noise of a five litre V8 engine, linked to the throttle pedal (so you hit the pedal, you get the noise) come through the headset and the TV.. and a look of utter rapture comes over his face, and a small, satisfied sigh escapes him.

yup. I can see it now. bet you anything that’s what happens..