Update on seedlings and a bit of Jess-Love (we’re well overdue for that)..

Jess loves licking hands and faces. Her way of giving a kiss. In fact, if she gives you a kiss and you say “i love you too” she gives you another kiss as if to say “yes well i love you again so there!”
I love this pic of Jess. She looks as if she’s saying “if you don’t move your fingers in 2 seconds, you’re gonna be minus the fingers” (which she would never do..).
Potatoes chitting in the bathroom (!)
Coriander seedlings have sprouted. do they always produce 2 seedlings from every seed?
My peas are growing well. there are roots coming out the bottom of the toilet roll tubes so they need to go out soon – going to try to get them out this weekend, hopefully with cloches ontop, or fleece wrapped around. the white stuff around the tubes is mould. it happens. There’s a better germination rate on the douce provence pea than the sugarsnap pea – i’m going to have to do some more sugarsnap peas i think.
the other babies – tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, cauliflower, allium christophii and nigella. All growing well, except the allium christophii – only 2 germinated from that, sadly – and the Costoluto Fiorentino variety of tomato. Have to resow both of those.
One of the crocus bulbs in the garden has flowered. Not the best photo ever. Will try to get a better one soon.

Tomorrow: getting up early to get one of those cold frames from Lidl (before they sell out), then to order compost, then into town to pick up a train ticket for Michiel. I was hoping to get some garden work done this weekend but the forecast for this weekend is going to be cold and wet, unpleasant, so maybe not. we’ll see how it goes, i think. But i can get the cold frame up and do some more sowing.. maybe time to attack the huge ironing pile too!