I seem to have had a bolt of lightening or something cos this morning i snapped some lovely garden photos. And of course, now i’m itching to share.. so share, i will!

polyanthus. I think. anyway. Aren’t the colours incredible? i’m so proud of this photo.
This isn’t quite in focus properly, but still lovely.
crocus flowers forming. I love the beads of dew on the bud. this is another photo i’m really proud of.
Garlic clove growing. Its amazing the difference a) the right setting b) getting down low and c) a bit of sunshine makes to a photo!
Kale flower – apparently you can eat this like purple sprouting broccoli. Can’t wait. 😀
my rather battered leeks. 
My sedum. I love how this can give two completely different photos, from different perspectives. I also love the morning sunshine and dew. Gives another dimension to it.
see what i mean?
i love the colours in these leaves.. all varigated