Took the camera with me this morning while i walked jess (rather early – Michiel had to fly to France for family reasons this morning, so i was up to make him sandwiches at 6am, which meant i needed to take my mind of the fact he was gone (*sniff*) so i was sensible and took jess for a walk instead of heading back to bed) and snapped some lovely photos..

and yes, damnit, i like sharing!

I like the way the ivy has crept across the ground and is slowly working up the tree
this is actually the site of an old canal, filled in and used as a path by many of the locals.. the whole area to the side of the path is covered in ivy and grass. all secretgardenish and neglected in a beautiful way.
See what i mean about Ivy?
See, if you didn’t know better, you’d swear you were in the country, not the middle of Manchester.. its a very wintry photo. Last gasp of winter, i should call it.
this is not a good photo and i could have framed it much better i think, but when you got a Jess on the other end of the leash, taking a photo with one hand, you don’t want to drop your only camera.. you tend to snap quick. it was the drops i was interested in. there were three on the branch, but one dropped off as i edged around to take this – that was the other reason for speed, trying to get the photo before the drops dripped.